Covid-19: Diving In Deeper

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If you’re reading this blog post, it means you have been educated well enough to understand the need for protecting yourselves and your families against Covid-19. The transmission of this virus, as we know, is spread via respiratory droplets (coughing and sneezing), but I’d like to take a moment to discuss some less utilized terminology and go a little further with the specifics of transmission.

There are a few concepts I’ll be touching on, to give a more magnified play by play on how this pandemic evolved. The epidemiological triad of infection illustrates the spread of a microorganism as the involvement or communication between the agent itself, a host, and the environment. To understand prevention of disease, we must first understand it’s cycle.


The infectious agent, Covid-19, is the first link in our transmission chain. The virus itself then requires a reservoir of some sort, something to thrive in, such as animals and people. The next step, being transmission itself, is where the portal of exit comes into play. Covid-19 is spread through droplets, making that it’s grand appearance into the outside world.

Once we have expelled these droplets through our mouths and noses, Covid-19 then seeks out some method of travel. It clings to a mode of transmission, a vehicle if you would. These modes are either contact or direct, contact with the droplets on surfaces or directly from the reservoir. Just like the portal of exit, there is then the portal of entry for the infectious agent to introduce itself to a new reservoir.

I wanted to break down the steps of the how this pathogen, just like any other, works to have the capability of such massive destruction, because it provides us with answers. We all seem to have common knowledge of the next link in the chain from forming.


Hi, my name is Madison. I attended Pensacola State College, and am currently an RN in the state of Florida. Please stay safe, educate yourselves, and safeguard your loved ones.

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  • Dan 11:49 PM

    Interesting read. Is it transmissible if i wear a mask?

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